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Chiropractic and Back Pain

Executives and office workers are often required to spend most of their day sitting. However, prolonged sitting is not ideal for the body. Studies have indicated that sitting decreases the lower back (lumbar) curvature, increases contractions of the surrounding muscles, and adds load to the vertebral disc. 

Simply put, amongst the three most common postures: standing, sitting, and lying down, sitting actually generates the most stress on the low back vertebrae, causing them to fatigue, wear and tear, thus generating low back pain.

Furthermore, without proper treatment and release, the built-up tension and degeneration predisposes the low back for more debilitating conditions, such as disc hernia and pinched nerve. As of today, occupational low back pain (LBP) remains alarmingly common as the leading cause of disability in individuals below 50 year of age.

Chiropractic is the most effective modality to relieve postural stress and pain, reduce wear and tear, restoring biomechanical functionality and maximise general wellness. 

Mdm Liau 

I had experienced lower back pain and knee pain for quite sometimes due to bad posture habits while standing, walking & doing household chores. To alleviate my suffering, my husband went to seek help from a chiropractor. He came across Ark Chiropractic and I decided to give it a try.

After a few treatments, I now feel more flexible, lesser pain & stiffness for my back and knee. From there onwards, I don’t need to rely on any medication anymore. Thanks to Ark Chiropractic for being part of my life.

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