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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be stressful for the mother, and many women experience neck and back pain. As the baby grows rapidly, the posture of the mother is changed and the centre of gravity is shifted to the front of the pelvis. These changes cause the mother to experience increased pressure in the pelvis and spine, as well as irritation to the nervous system. This irritation then is received in the form of back and joint pain.
It is also common to experience progressive leg, ankle, and foot pain in the form of muscular cramps or joint swelling and aches during pregnancy. These symptoms can also be the result of a disrupted nervous system, in addition to increased stress, offset balance, disrupted hormones, and poor circulation.

Chiropractic is a conservative healthcare discipline that focuses on restoring spinal balance and nerve flow integrity. Treatments aim to stimulate the nervous system and reduce postural stress and thus effectively relieve pain and discomfort. Even without pain, the mother can benefit from a balanced and aligned spine and pelvis to have a more comfortable pregnancy, reduce chance of breech baby and smoother delivery. 

Regular Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help provide a stress free environment for the developing baby as well as the comfort and support the mother needs.


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