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Chiropractic and Sport/Work Performance

The nervous system of the body governs pain and controls all bodily functions. The spine encloses the spinal cord and protects the nervous system from disruption and injuries. However, a misaligned spine can cause compression and interruption to the nervous impulses and result in changes in musculoskeletal biomechanics and function. While athletes often have higher tolerance for pain and discomfort, being able to perform and compete through the pain, they nevertheless experience reduced effectiveness in training and performance.

Chiropractic care is a drug-free way towards better health and performance. Chiropractic adjustments reduce unwanted stress from the misaligned spinal column to allow for optimal biomechanical performance, and it also reduces degeneration from repeated micro-trauma. The treatments are also able to stimulate the nervous system, help speed up recovery from injuries, and increase pulmonary function and lung capacity. Together with effective training and a healthy diet, regular chiropractic treatment can help athletes minimize the effects of injury, increase performance, and obtain the best from their body.

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