Many people have benefited under the care of Ark Chiropractic doctors; some from chronic pain and risks of surgery, while others have improved their health and well-being. How can Ark Chiropractic help you and your family?

I am an international student currently being treated at the Ark Chiropractic clinic, located at Kent ridge station.

I have been generally  healthy, I also have a high pain tolerances.

However, I have got so severe neck pain since 2 weeks ago. It was so painful that woke me up at least 3-4 times during the night. I couldn’t stand the pain anymore, so I have searched all web sites to find good Chiropractic Doctor! Finally I found “Ark Chiropractic” and It seemed alright to me.

Therefore, I met Dr.kang in Ark Chiropractic clinic , and he treated me very thoroughly in a very professional manner for about 20 mins. And advised me really worthy information about spine care. He was friendly as well. From my previous experiences, most doctors spend about 5-10 mins only.

I think, this clinic is really different than other clinics, and my severe neck pain is gone as doctor advised.  I was really happy with Ark Chiropractic clinic!

I highly recommend ‘Ark Chiropractic clinic”,  if you are suffering from neck pain or discomfort.

Karol He

It was the first time in my life I came to see a chiropractor, I chose Dr Kang as his clinic was next to my office. The visit related to my neck pain caused by my workout routine that placed a strain on my shoulder and neck. I received amazing treatment including the most soothing massage. Dr Kang also helped me improved my bad posture from everyday work in front of a computer. After I spoke to some local business owners, I have been told they believe Dr Kang to be the best chiropractor in town! He is treating his patients from the heart, extensive professional experience and warm welcoming smile.

Mr. Lim (31/7/13)


The pain on my left knee has started around 12 years ago, diagnosed by Dr. Daniel Tan whom has been treating me since 2 months ago, was caused by wrong posture and inadequate warm up before squat exercise.   Before that I had tried various treatments such as TCM, acupuncture, tuina, & supplement with fish oil and glucosamine but all these methods did not improve my condition. Two years ago, I started to have pain on my right knee whenever I did squat exercise or climbing of stairs.   I came across Ark Chiropractic and decided to try it.


After 2 months of chiropractic sessions, I have seen improvement in both of my knees.  My chiropractor, Dr. Daniel Tan has given many advices which can improve my posture.  Now, I can climb stairs more confidently and enjoy other exercises with correct posture.  I want to express my immense appreciation and great thanks Dr. Daniel for his patience and guidance.

Mdm. Loo (30/8/13)


I had an operation on my back for more than 3 months but I have regular pain when I started to walk. After attending the chiropractic sessions for 4 times I felt a great different. I felt much better when I walked. I will strongly recommend to my friends. I could walk a longer distance and sit up easily which I could not do it before that. I felt much happier. Thank you Dr Joseph Tan for helping me recovered.

Ms. Cecilia (8/3/13)


[Overall health prior to Chiropractic care]

Frequent Neck and shoulder aches, sometimes accompanied with pain were part of my life for the past 10 years. My shoulder muscles are often tense and stiff, and massages only provided very short-term relief.

Chiropractic care has improved my general well-being. I no longer feel the aches and pain as frequently as before. The aches also feel significantly milder even when I experience them. Generally, I feel fresher and better than before. It certainly feels like a long-term relief to the problems I had. Besides, Dr Daniel Tan has provided good advice on working postures and also stretching exercises to complement the chiropractic treatment, which are beneficial in alleviating the aches and pain I experience in the neck and shoulder regions.

Mr. Francis Lim (20/3/13)


I had been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for the last 2 over years. The constant pain and discomfort easily affected my mood and quality of life. It also affected my ability to fully concentrate at work and greatly reduced my work productivity.

Since coming to Ark Chiropractic for treatment, the level of pain and discomfort has reduced quite significantly. I no longer feel as irritable as before. I haven’t felt this “normal” for a long time and I’m really glad that I made the decision to seek chiropractic treatment. It really works!

Francis Lim 20/3/13

Mr. Neil Griffith (28/5/12)


“Before coming to Ark Chiropractic, I suffered from severe neck ache and tension headaches that affected my work and sleep patterns … Dr. Daniel has straightened my spine and evened my posture, leading to a sustained improvement in my quality of life. I sleep better, enjoy my leisure time more, and no longer rely on pain-killers to get through the working day.”

Mr. Zach Cheng (24/9/12)


I have been exercising regularly for the past few years with absolutely no problems. However, in the previous year, I started experiencing some pretty severe neck aches after exercising. These neck aches became so bad that for the day or two after I work out or exercise, I would not be able to do any strenuous activities. This really frustrated me as this prevented me from exercising and having this nagging pain in my neck 24 hours a day was very annoying. The breaking point was when I went for a long run one day and I had such a bad neck ache after that that I couldn't exercise for 1 month. A friend who was a doctor recommended that I try chiropractic care to alleviate the problem. So I did.

Initially skeptical of how effective Chiropractic treatment could be, I was surprised when there was a noticeable reduction in my neck aches after just a few sessions. Currently, my neck aches have almost completely disappeared and as a nice side effect, my quality of sleep has improved as there is no longer neck aches to contend with. I l love that I'm able to exercise with peace of mind and no longer have to worry about my neck.

Mdm. Liau Lee Sing (13/6/12)


I had experienced lower back pain and knee pain for quite sometimes due to bad posture habits while standing, walking & doing household chores. To alleviate my suffering, my husband went to seek help from a chiropractor. He came across Ark Chiropractic and I decided to give it a try.

After a few treatments, I now feel more flexible, lesser pain & stiffness for my back and knee. From there onwards, I don’t need to rely on any medication anymore. Thanks to Ark Chiropractic for being part of my life.

Ms. Eleazer  Ang (30/8/12)


[Previously suffered from:] Inability to walk long distances, slip disc and scoliosis.

After my treatment with Ark Chiropractic, I realize my condition has improved immensely. In terms of walking, I can walk longer. Very Ideal especially for shopping! My lifestyle has also changed and I am more conscious of my posture too.


Mr. Simon Cheong (26/5/12)


[Condition before the Chiropractic Treatments] Frequent neck pains and back pain. Stiffness of the joints and muscle tightness.

[After Chiropractic Treatment] Much improved! There is almost instant relief. The pains and stiffness goes away immediately and the body feels lighter and more relaxed, less tense. I have now bought my wife and eldest child to receive regular treatment!

Ms. Linda Sukarni (02/11/12)


I've had a relapse of my slipped disc due to bad posture and carrying heavy weights after my pregnancy. The back pain worsened and led to another problem - sciatica. These pains would restrict my daily activities and affect my mood. After about 2 months of chiropractic care, the pain reduced to a tolerable level and my overall condition improved. I've been taught to do some stretching exercises which helped to better manage my pain, and I was also given advice on correct sitting and sleeping postures.

Ms. Wendy Ng (5/9/12)


For the past few months or so, I was not able to raise my left arm at certain angle; it was locked in certain positions. With the help of chiropractic care, I am able to move my left arm freely and there is no more arm constraint now. I am very thankful to Dr. Joseph, who is gentle, caring and meticulous. He will constantly remind me of my daily posture, I am now more conscious of it. It feels great with the right posture! Thank you Dr. Joseph!

Ms. Karen Yong (5/11/12)


Prior to chiropractic care, I had scoliosis since I was a teen and had had frequent headaches, neck, shoulder, and back pain. My back pain was most irritating during my menstrual period. For the past 1 year, my right leg started to have pains from the pelvis to the feet. As there are more and more areas of my body giving me pain, I started to worry that my curved spine was getting worse.

After about 2 months of chiropractic care, my headaches and lower back pain are less frequent. The pain on my right leg is now contained to the pelvic area, and not the whole leg. My posture is also significantly better.

Dr Dennis Lin is a caring and committed chiropractor. As I was very afraid of pain from spinal adjustments, he always reassures me before treating me. He is very good at answering questions, explaining my condition, and how we can work towards correcting my bone mis-alignments, and for me to return to jogging. He keeps me informed every step of the way, giving me simple exercises to help with the adjustments, and informing me on my progress.

Lastly I would like to compliment the counter staff who are very friendly and helpful in coordinating my appointments and remind me of my visits.

Ms. Carys James (2/11/12)


Before chiropractic care, I had lower back pain and neck pain with migraines. My husband recommended I see a chiropractor with him. So after a consultation and an x-ray of my spine, the chiropractor showed me exactly what was wrong with my spine and posture.

Chiropractic care has benefited me, my husband, and my son. With frequent visits for adjustments as well as doing exercises at home, I feel my spine and posture improving. I was also recommended insoles for my shoes, which have helped me maintain a good posture in my daily activities. I am more aware of the importance of chiropractic care and know how to listen to my body more. Chiropractic care has also helped my son as he now suffers less from colic and is easier to settle at night.

Mr. Lau Yang Hao (21/12/11)


Before chiropractic care, I had debilitating chest and shoulder pain. I first noticed the chest pain after a run where I had a coughing fit, and the shoulder pain during a routine back workout. Over subsequent sessions, the pain worsened until I was forced to stop working out. At that point, I decided to seek chiropractic care to relieve the pain.

With Dr. Daniel's help, we identified the source of pain to be minor scoliosis. We also found a stress fracture in my lower spine I had never known about. Fortunately, Dr. Daniel's skilled hands were able to improve my condition and resolve my pain. With his help, I was able to complete the recent Singapore Marathon within my targeted time!

Ms. Anne Pang (13/9/12)


I had tiled patella on the right knee and suffered long term back and hip pain. The severe pain affected my work performance, daily life, and sleep. Instead of turning to painkillers for short term relief, a friend recommended me to consult Dr. Dennis for chiropractic assessment. After each treatment, I feel my back and hips getting looser and noticed less pain each day. Dr. Dennis has been a patient, attentive, and caring doctor who spends time understanding my health and lifestyle which could contribute to the backache. He convinced me to drop my high heels, changed my sleeping and sitting posture to improve the backache. I'm glad I have Dr. Dennis as my doctor and I'm convinced that chiropractic care is effective in keeping people pain-free.

Ms. Cheng Ying Ying (20/9/12)


My pregnancy has been giving me a lot of stress on my back, causing numbness and tingling towards my hand. There was also incidents of acute low back pain where I couldn't even walk or lift up my legs to put on my pants. I approached Dr. Daniel for help and there was instant pain relief for my back pain. I was able to walk and can gradually lift my leg. The numbness and tingling has gradually subsided with adjustments and the self-adjustment Dr. Daniel taught me. I'm in my last trimester of pregnancy and I'm still having Dr. Daniel take care of my baby and me until my EDD in November.

Mr. Jimmy Kew (2/11/12)

I suffered many injuries when I served 12 years in the SAF and now I live with nagging pain. I have constant neck pain and headache that can cause me to lose sleep days at a time. I had to rely on a variety of medications to relieve the pain, and the dosage kept increasing over time. I’ve also suffered from low back pain and torn ligaments in the left knee. All these issues are often present at the same time and really affected my performance at work and leisure. I was recommended to seek help from Ark Chiropractic. I’ve not had an episode of headache since, and my neck pain is also greatly reduced. My low back pain is gone and rarely bothers me, and my knee pain has also improved. Furthermore, Dr. Joseph advised me on lifestyle changes that will help me perform at my job with no discomfort to hold me back. I have even returned to jogging. Now I recommend Ark Chiropractic to my family and friends.

董月華女士 (1/8/10)



在2009年,我女兒帶了我到這兒.開始做診療到現在我整個人變好多了,舒服多了,人也變精神了!我真的非常感謝Dr. Daniel 的幫助,他的細心照顧真的幫了我很多.多謝你!

董月華女士 1/8/2010

王美麗女士 (2/11/08)




Mr. Esmond Neo(31/5/12)


I was having a chronic pain on the left of my neck for around 9 months and was not able to turn my head while driving. I keep changing the types of my pillows and sleeping postures thinking that these were the contributing factors. One of these days I flet the numbness and intermittent tingling sensations on 3 fingers of my right hand. A G. P . referred me to an orthopedic surgeon; and my colleagues/friend told me that I may require surgery on my neck!

After seeing Dr. Daniel from the Ark Chiropractic who is a qualified chiropractor under the Chiropractic Association (Singapore), the numbness/tingling sensentions went away totally after 3 visits! The prolong pain in my neck also progressively reduced and the range of motion of my neck increased significantly after the 10th visit and I could drive safely thereafter. Now I do not feel the pain in my neck anymore and life is back to normal (bye to surgery)! Other than the adjustment by Dr. Daniel, I was also taught how to strengthen my spinal muscles as wel as correct postures to prevent other potential spinal problems. Thanks to Dr. Daniel for his professionalism and care, and also thanks to the friendly staff that make each visit comfortable! Oh yes, snacks and drinks are also on the house ☺.

Ms. Lydia Chan (2/7/12)


I had constant headaches, and back problems. When I picked up heavy stuff or stayed in a position too long, I would get sharp pain shooting from my lower back to my leg. When that happens, I couldn’t sit, stand or lie down for too long, which causes major discomfort.

After getting chiropractic care, I get less frequent headaches, I stopped getting sharp shooting pain down from my back. I can sleep better at night. I’m also more aware of my posture and how I can prevent myself from being in a position that can potentially render sharp pains down my leg.


Before chiropractic care, I had debilitating chest and shoulder pain

I first noticed the chest pain after a run where I had a coughing fit, and the shoulder pain during a routine back workout. Eventually the pain worsened. and I was forced to stop working out. With Dr. Daniel's help, we identified the source of pain to be minor scoliosis. We also found a stress fracture in my lower spine I had never known about. Fortunately, Dr. Daniel's skilled hands were able to improve my condition and resolve my pain. With his help, I was able to complete the recent Singapore Marathon within my targeted time!                                 


Lau Yang Hao

If you’re experiencing back, hip, or joint pain in your pregnancy, you should consider chiropractic care!

I have been receiving Chiropractic care for more than 2 years by Dr Kang at Ark Chiropractic. At first it was because of my low back pain and then for prenatal care during my pregnancy. My routine chiropractic care was very effective, managing pain in my back, hips and joints as well as establishing pelvic balance. As a result, I had my healthy baby by natural childbirth on expected day and it was very smooth. I am in continuous treatment for recovering after childbirth as well as spine maintenance. Thank you Dr Kang!


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I'm glad I came for a second opinion before deciding on surgery 

I have had over 10 years of lower back pain and was diagnosed with grade 3 slipped disc. Unwilling to go through surgery, I came to Ark Chiropractic for a second opinion. Through an extensive period of treatments and exercises, my slip disc has been reduced to grade 1! 

Chong Yong Chien

I Used To Experience Headaches On a Weekly Basis...

As I work a lot on the computer, and I would get frequent head, neck and shoulder aches Dr. Daniel not only helped to adjust my neck and spine, but also taught me muscle-strengthening exercises, sitting postures, and other lifestyle changes. After just two weeks of treatment, I began to experience headaches less frequently and less severely.

Gerald Khoo

My pregnancy put a lot of stress on my back, causing numbness and tingling in my hand

I had incidents of acute lower back pain where I could not even walk or lift up my legs. The chiropractic adjustments instantly relieved my back pain, allowing me to gradually regain movement in my leg. The previous numbness and tingling also subsided with treatment. Thank you Dr Daniel for caring for me and my baby even up till my last trimester! 

Cheng Ying Ying

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