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Corporate Services

Ark Chiropractic offers free corporate health-talks and on-site spinal screening.


It is our honour to provide chiropractic services to many employees from various businesses across Singapore. Through chiropractic treatment, many employees find that they are less distracted by the discomfort, hence improving their work efficiency as well as enjoying a better quality of life.


Our corporate talk content includes focusing on what are the common causes for back and neck pain, headaches, or migraines. The talk will also include preventive steps, advice on ergonomics, and how we can help you improve on the working conditions.

Alternatively, we can set up a free health screening booth for half a day at a designated area in your company.






Past Corporate Events:


Health Talk @ Calvary Baptist Church “Cradle Of Hope” Event – Oct 19, 2013


Health Talk @ Ulu Pandan CC Wellness Centre – Aug 30, 2013


Awareness Campaign @ Solaris – July 12, 2013


Corporate Talk: Spinal Health Talk @ IHPC/A*STAR – 28 May, 2013


Corporate Talk: Health Week @ INSEAD – 14 May, 2013


Awareness Campaign @ Fusionopolis – April 13, 2013


Corporate Talk: Health Week @ Science Hub – April 8, 2013


Chinese New Year Health Awareness @ Fusionopolis – Jan 23 2013


Awareness Campaign Fusionopolis – November 16 2012


Corporate Talk: Spinal Health @ Electronic Arts™ - Oct 30, 2012


Corporate Talk: Health Talk @ INSEAD – 28 May, 2012

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